Spring Summer 2022 - Latest News

Our 💙🤍💙 3rd Spring Blouse Collection drops Sunday 27th March 2022.

Here are 10 things to expect from Leila Ray Vintage this Spring season:

🔮Random & quirky- we’re recognisable for our vintage textile mash-ups, & who knows what we will find next. We are reliant on the great grannies of Dorset who give up the contents of their linen cupboards & the discarded sewing projects now collecting dust.

🌅Bohemian blouses - we love the bohemian designs and spirit reminiscent of the 60s/70s. There will be new styles this year, inspired by our extensive collection of original sewing patterns,& fashion books.

🔬True vintage textiles - We are committed to natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, wool. Our linen fabrics can be circa mid 1900s. Soft, washed & comfy to wear, sustainable too.

💘Cotton embroideries - our hand embroidered linens feature beautiful floral designs, worked with cotton yarns. Cotton yarns have a soft matt lustre, not achieved in the polyester machine versions used today.

👚Colourful fun - expect a burst of happy colours this season - you’ll find your stand-out conversation piece here!

🧣Fringe benefits - it’s all about the detail, we’ve said it before & we’ll keep saying it: we love vintage trim, fringes, laces, ribbons, buttons & tapes.

🧵Handmade - All our blouses are made in coastal Dorset, England. We are proud of our near-sourcing strategy. No unnecessary freight, or shipping costs.

🧝‍♀️Ethically made - we employ local freelancers with exceptional skills. Bringing technical skills in costume design, patterns & creativity. We pay fair market right wages too.

💷 Realistic pricing - our long standing customers will have noticed our prices have increased. We make no apology for this, for all the reasons listed above. Material costs are increasing due to popularity, & many hours of intricate sewing go into each and every blouse. We undertake comparative pricing reviews & we believe our prices are fair.

📆Monthly drops - a new vintage collection at the end of every month! Watch this Space.

Thank you for supporting our little business, & we look forward to seeing you this year!