About Us

Welcome to Leila Ray Vintage and our bright little atelier by the sea in Dorset, England.

Leila Ray Vintage was launched in 2019 by Katie Black. We started our journey as a vintage fashion business re-selling authentic vintage labels. We soon learnt that gorgeous vintage pieces often require restoration before they can be worn again, and this gave us valuable insights into the sewing techniques and garment construction of the last Century.

Slow forward, through the pandemic, and we found plenty of time to sew at home. We now focus on hand-worked, vintage hand embroidered blouses and dresses entrenched in 70s style. Recreated today in natural fabrics, our signature pieces are recognisable for their beautiful embroidered decoration, natural fabrics, and colourful patchwork realisations. 

The 1970s has been the darling of the vintage world for a few years now. It is designers like Louis Caring (a master in vintage 70s embroidered linen rework) and Rumak+Sample (the haute bohemian ethereal 70s London dress label) that have inspired our direction today.

Often incorporating story-telling and novelty print elements, our blouses are known to entertain and quickly become conversational pieces for the wearer.

Sustainable fashion lies at the heart of our collections. We source original vintage fabrics, offcuts, unused textiles and deadstock (unused yet authentic vintage) with the emphasis on craftsmanship and floral prints.

Thank you for visiting us here. We hope you will also come and find us at one of our vintage fairs this year. We'd love to meet you!

Find out more about us on instagram @leilarayvintage.